While we will be celebrating the holiday season in a smaller gathering this year, we’re hopeful that we can continue to enjoy our family traditions, and maybe even make new ones! Dentists, like anyone else, like to treat themselves a little during the holidays. We share a drink with friends and family. We may even reach for a little extra dessert. Of course, these activities do not become easier on your teeth when December rolls around. However, with some expert advice you can treat yourself and keep your smile bright!

Pair Cheese with Your Wine

Cheese compliments wine because the rich, creamy texture cuts into the acidity of wine, transforming its flavour. This reduction in acidity also helps protect your teeth. Acidity can contribute to tooth decay, a risk that cheese can dampen.

White over Red

If you are concerned about discolouration, choose a white wine to go along with your cheese. Red wine stains appear more visibly. The rule of thumb to prevent discolouration is to stick to light coloured beverages. Whatever beverage you choose, the most important thing is to drink responsibly.

Visit the Fruit Tray First

Most holiday spreads line up some healthy options alongside the cookies and candies. Try to satisfy your sweet tooth with fruits before you load your plate with sweets like peanut brittle. Natural sugars will fill you up and help you enjoy your desserts without overdoing it.

Choose Your Treats Carefully

You can enjoy a few extra sweets while still choosing tooth-friendly options. Sticky foods like caramel, taffy, and dried fruit can cling to teeth and damage enamel. Other candy can also cause problems. Hard candy, for instance, can chip teeth.

If you can’t resist and want to indulge in something that’s sticky and gooey then keep some water on hand. Swish a mouthful of water to remove those stubborn food particles that overstay their welcome.

Use a Nutcracker

A good nutcracker is not just decoration. If you want to enjoy traditional Christmas nuts, then you need to plan how to crack their shells – and that plan cannot be your teeth! Using your teeth to open a stubborn nut is just as likely to lead to cracked teeth as it is to cracked shells.

In fact, avoid using your teeth as tools whenever possible. It might be tempting to open presents and packages with your teeth, but for your oral health it’s important to use tools designed to take on the job.

Keep Up With your Oral Health Routines.