Busy schedules, anxiety, even forgetfulness – there are many reasons why you might not make it to your regular dental cleaning. Now COVID-19 adds another reason you might consider missing your appointment.

However, its important to remember that a cleaning does far more than whiten your teeth! Dental cleanings are medical appointments that promote oral and overall health. Here are some of the benefits that regular visits provide.

1. Reduce the Risk of Tooth Decay

Removing plaque and tartar during a cleaning results in whiter teeth and fresher breathe. It also helps prevent the build up of harmful bacteria. Even the best at home cleaning will leave some plaque behind. Your dentist’s expertise and specialized equipment will get rid of harmful build up and keep your teeth healthier for longer.

2. Stay Healthy

If plaque builds up un-checked it has the potential to lead to health problems elsewhere in the body. Gum disease and bacteria have been linked to stroke, high cholesterol, and heart disease. A dental cleaning can help prevent gum inflammation and bacteria build up that studies have linked to these conditions.

3. Spot Tooth Damage More Easily

A plaque coating can also hide issues with your teeth. Fractures and large problems would be apparent in your mirror at home. With obscuring plaque gone, your dentist can identify small cracks, enamel erosions, and other issues.

Once a dental cleaning has made these problems visible you can speak to your dentist about solutions. By addressing small problems early, you can avoid the pain and discomfort of more serious issues.

4. Prevent Complications with Other Conditions

A dental infection has the potential to lead to infection elsewhere in the body. Depending on your medical situation a dental cleaning could protect you from unnecessary complications. If, for example, you are pregnant, a cleaning can help protect you and your unborn child.

Or, if you need to undergo surgery, a gum infection could possibly complicate the procedure or slow your recovery.

5. Screen for Oral Cancer

Most patients will not ask about oral cancer until they have noticeable symptoms, which tend to surface as the condition progresses. During your dental cleaning, however, your dentist will have the opportunity to check for the first signs of oral cancer. This is crucial because early detection is key!

Visit Us at Pickwick Dental

Concerns over COVID have given everyone good reason to stay home. However, if you are symptom free and take appropriate safety measures, then you have a good reason to book your next dental cleaning. Our team has taken great care to follow strict COVID procedures to keep you and our staff safe. So, go ahead and book an appointment!

Your dental cleaning will freshen your breath and whiten your teeth. More importantly, regular visits to your local dentist can lead to better oral health outcomes and contribute to your overall health. We hope that you will visit us at Pickwick Dental, and choose us as partners on your journey to a healthier smile, and a healthier you.