Following are the Infection Control Guidelines that mandate our profession. They have always been a priority in our office. Health of our patients and staff is our primary concern.

We have implemented protocols and policies reflecting those standards for years.

The pandemic has added more infection control protocols to reduce the risks of transmission of Covid-19 in many places. The dental office is no exception. We have adapted quickly early on in the pandemic and we are continuing to review any changes in the protocols and policies as we are moving along through different stages of this pandemic.

As we stepped into the Grey Zone in Mississauga on Nov 23 , we have reviewed the enhanced recommendations of our governing bodies to ensure that we are in full compliance with any changes. We would like to share with you the list of increased measures that we are taking to ensure the safety of our patients and our team members, as we take care of your oral health needs.

  1. We have decreased the number of patients and team members in our office, at any given time, to ensure we are abiding by distancing protocols.
  2. We have increased hours and added extra days to our scheduled appointment times to accommodate patients in lieu of distancing protocols.
  3. We are providing early morning appointments for patients with immunodeficiencies and other risk factors to decrease the risk of transmission while in the office.
  4. Our current screening measures have been elevated to allow for our office to remain up to date with all our patient’s health statuses.
  5. We are allowing more time between all appointments, not only to allow more time for thorough sanitization of common areas but also to ensure that we are avoiding any gatherings in our office at any given time.
  6. Our professional grade portable air purifiers are placed strategically around the office to complement central HVAC Hepa filters. All the filtration systems have been enhanced and certified by HVAC professionals. They are active during working and non-working hours, to allow efficient and maximal flow of clean air within all office spaces. The filtration systems are designed to capture viruses 100 times smaller than coronavirus.

We continue to work with our government and our dental governing bodies to ensure we remain current with all recommendations and taking necessary precautions in and outside of the clinic.